How To Make A DIY Sequin Wall

diy sequin walls

Are you looking to add a little sparkle to make your next event or workplace stand out? Try creating a sequin wall! This simple DIY project is easy to do and can be completed in just a few hours. Plus, it’s a great way to add some personality to your space or present your brand/stylishly. So gather your supplies and get started!

What is a Sequin Wall?

A Sequin Wall is an innovative new product that allows you to create a stunning, sequin-covered accent wall or backdrop. The Sequin Wall is easy to install and can be used to add a touch of glamour to any room quickly. Whether you want to create a dramatic statement wall or add a bit of shimmer to your space, the Sequin Wall is the perfect solution.

There are many places where you can use a sequin wall. They can add some spark and charm to any setting. Some of the most popular places are:

  • As a fun backdrop for photos at parties or other events
  • As decoration at a wedding or other special event
  • To add some pizzazz to your office or home décor
  • For trade show booths or other marketing events
  • Anywhere else you want to add a touch of glamour

What Materials Do I Need?

A sequin panel is what you need to create this project. Fortunately, you can find the best options at Shimmer Tech with our extensive range of sequin panels. We are a trusted manufacturer of high-quality sequin wall panels that range in sizes, colors, and styles. Allows you to choose the best products for your unique needs.

Aside from sequin panels, you will also require a pipe and drape stand or any other frame to hang the shimmer panel on.

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Step By Step Guide to Making A DIY Sequin Wall

Step One: Choose Your Sequin Size

The first step in creating your DIY sequin wall is to choose the size of your sequins. Once you have your desired size, lightly mark out a section on your wall where you will be applying the sequins.

There are different types of sequin panels to choose from, and each type requires different materials and measurements:

  • Standard Sequin Panels – 30cm x 30cm (11¾”) and use 30mm (1⅜”) diameter sequins. If you’re looking for one-color, simple designs that are quick and easy to install, then Standard Sequins will be perfect. They come in three different shapes, square, circle, or octagon, which allow them to be used as decoration on any surface from walls or frames for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Pixel Sequin Panels – 30cm x 30cm (11¾”) and use 20mm (25/32”) sequins. The micro sequins are what make it such a detailed backdrop. They’re great if you want to display a detailed image or logo because they allow you to customize your sequin wall to greater detail than standard-size panels.

High-Quality Shimmer Panel For All Occasions

Whether you’re looking for a sequin wall panel for a special event or trade show or simply want to add some creative touch to your home décor. At Shimmer Tech, we offer only the highest quality products for all of your custom wall needs. Our wide selection of colors, sizes, and styles allows you to find the perfect product for your unique needs and budget.

Visit our online store to learn more about our sequin wall panel options. We look forward to helping you turn any space into a dazzling display of shimmering beauty!​

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