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Chirstmas Shimmerwall display

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when people get to enjoy the festivities with their family or friends along with great food and joyful music – it is finally Christmas time, and everyone is throwing parties for their loved ones to celebrate the holidays!

If you are often hosting Christmas dinners and having guests over at your house during this time of the year, then decorating your place is an extra aspect you have to take into consideration. Aside from preparing a list of guests, the turkey, side dishes and dessert, you also have to ensure your place has the appropriate setting for the party – and you can decorate it however you’d like, but adding a shimmering wall would make a lot of difference.

Best Ideas Christmas Shimmer Wall Displays

A shimmer wall decoration adds an extra charm to any party, and you definitely want more glam and light to your Christmas dinner decoration – so here in this blog piece, you can check a list of ideas for you to feel inspiration from and start brainstorming how your own shimmer wall can look like.

Red and Gold Sequin Wall

You can create a golden sequin wall with red finishes and details with a “Merry Christmas” written in black letters. For decoration, you can hang red balloons, candy canes or empty gift boxes – or perhaps maybe even buy actual gifts for your guests and leave them in front of the shimmer wall itself!

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Add a Christmas Tree

You can also use your golden sequin wall as a background for your Christmas tree. With a discreet “Happy White Christmas” on the side, you can place your beautiful Christmas tree on your shimmer wall, with gift boxes under it, and let your guests take amazing pictures next to your tree.

Use Green and Red

The main colours related to Christmas are green and red – so why not use them for your shimmer wall as well? 

Place a red sequin wall and have round balloons or gift boxes in green, along with big candy cane balloons or snowdrop balloons placed in front. You can have your Christmas tree complementing the decoration and even add a red chair in a corner for your guests to simulate Santa Claus in their pictures!

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Create a Winter Oasis

You can have a silver shimmer wall and play around with snowman toys, fake ice or snow – and create a small winter wonderland for your guests to take pictures in. Not sure what to write on the shimmer wall? Worry not – you can place a beautiful “Have a Merry White Christmas” on it, which would go very well with the theme!

Add Santa Claus’ Reindeers and Sled

There are a number of different and creative balloons out there that you can make use of – you can have an adult-size or doll-size Santa Claus or reindeers in the corner of your red shimmer wall.

If you rather have a relative dress up as Santa Claus, you can improvise a small decorative sled and place the balloons that resemble reindeers and gifts along. You can also have a small Christmas tree on the side if you wish – and of course, don’t forget to add your “Merry Christmas” writing!

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Contact Shimmer Tech For Your Shimmer Christmas Wall Today!

At ShimmerTech, we offer a variety of shimmer wall models for all of your Christmas parties – and any other parties throughout the year as well. We can create a customizable shimmer wall for your Christmas celebration that will go well with your decor and party vibe!

We let our clients choose any background colour, shiny details, balloons, pictures and writings they wish to have on their shimmer – and we charge affordable prices for our services.

You can check our projects here and contact us at 1-855-561-4497, so we can get your beautiful Christmas shimmer wall done today!


How can I build a shimmering wall for my Christmas party?

You can add a shiny backdrop or silky curtains in golden or red colours, with some balloons or Christmas writing for your guests to take pictures – or you can reach out to our team at Shimmertech.

What elements go well for a Christmas backdrop wall?

Christmas has red or green as predominant colours. You can also add fake snow and create an ice-inspired backdrop with a snowman and empty gift boxes. You can purchase writings such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and place them in front of your wall as well.

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