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Dynamic Sequin Panels is a unique patented technology, is made on the basis of decorative panels with iridescent sequins.

Thanks to a wide range of colours sequins and possible application to the panel of any image; it attracts 6 times more attention than a classic advertising.

Freedom of Creativity

The mosaic panel offers great opportunities from solid color to detailed image

100% Color Retention

The coating is resistant to UV rays and has a high reflectance

Any Size Design

You can create an image of any size from the base panels

Elastic & Flexible

The panel can be mounted on uneven and textured surfaces

Easy Installation

Connect the elements and the design is ready; supporting base is optional

Strength & Durability

High quality materials provide up to 10 years panel life

Ease of use

Panel in 5 times lighter than analogues; you can use different types of mounts


The Dynamic panels will out stand harsh weather and strong winds

Additional options

The panel can be used is a background for neon lights or plastic letters, or in combination with

Have a question? Find the answer here!
Have a question? Find the answer here!
What is the Dynamic Sequin Panels?

Dynamic Sequin Panels is the system of decorative panels meant for creation of dynamic “living” structures with moving elements (sequins) activated by air flows.

The basic part of Standard and Pixel panels consists of a lattice matrix panel with mounting holes. Such panel is made of durable highly transparent polymer material. It is very flexible and light (150 grams!).

The basic element of Bit panel is a monolithic support with a mounting hole. Such panel is made of durable highly transparent polymer material. It is very reliable and light (30 grams!).

Movable reflective elements (MRE) or so called “sequins” are presented in three shapes: circle, square, octagon. MRE are made of polymer material having high-grade color mirror coating.

How panels are correctly installed?

Each panel has a large number of mounting holes with diameter of 3 mm. The holes are arranged so as a reflective element could overlap the head of a self-tapping screw. The panels can be fixed to the surface with the help of double-sided adhesive tape, self-tapping screws and staples.

Is it possible to attach panels to each other?

Along each of four edges, the panels have coupling elements of male-female type. Locking of such joints ensure rigid and reliable attachment of several panels to each other.

Can a panel picture assembled of a group of panels be hanged independently?

Due to the fact that any panel picture can be assembled of a group of panels the resulting picture can be used independently (without any rigid support). This advantage is very helpful when such panels are used temporarily for special actions or events, ceremonies, decoration of stages and shop windows.

During what period can your company manufacture a panel?

We fulfill orders during 1 – 5 working days. Time periods for manufacturing Bit panels, large and wholesale orders are determined individually for each customer.

Can panels resist such extreme weather conditions as frost, strong wind, high temperature and ultraviolet solar radiation?

The reliable and flexible material, which is used for manufacturing of the SolaAir decorative panels, is highly resistant to variations of temperature (-40/+70 C), wind gusting to 25 m/sec, precipitations in the form of rain and snow, as well as durable ultraviolet solar radiation.

What is the warranty period for panels?

Warranty is valid when we install panels. The products warranty period is 2 years under environmental conditions within average Canadian climate.

When the products are used outdoors their serviceability is considerably dependent on the locality of their use. For some regions such period may be 3-5 years, for others 5 and more years. A great number of factors and their combination are of importance for the period of service life of the products – humidity, UV radiation, too high and low temperatures, etc.

How to choose properly the shape of movable reflective elements?

If in your project you use dynamic products of the same color as the background, then we recommend to use the reflective elements of circle or octagon shape. Such choice will enhance visibility and recognition of your product and make the whole structure more intensively colored.

When your project requires overlapping the background color of the advertising structure as much as possible, or the background color is different from the panels color, then in such case we recommend to use rectangular shape of reflective elements.

How to use the background color for dynamic sequin panels in the right manner?

When using the panels of standard colors, and also the panels made based on the Print technology we recommend to apply the background color similar to the panel color.

What is the cleaning procedure for panels?

The panels are easily cleaned with the help of a “static” brush or sponge with microfiber.

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Submit an application and we will create a unique offer for you, calculate the cost of the project and the terms of the order.
Also, we will discuss with you all the possibilities for the most effective achievement of your goals.


The next stage is devoted to the development of your project.
At this moment, we will create sketches of your dynamic panel of sequins.


The next step involves translating ideas into a real product.

Delivery and Installation

You can pick up the completed product from our warehouse, order delivery. Also, we can arrange the delivery and installation of a dynamic panels.
If you entrust us with the delivery and installation of panels, then we guarantee the perfect appearance.


If you plan on the long-term use of a dynamic sequin panel, we will advise you on the conditions of use and care.

Do you want to know the number of panels for your project?
Use the calculator

SHIMMERTECH creates unique opportunities

ShimmerTech is the only official SolaAir technology representative in Canada

Complex Approach

We provide project development, production, 100% support in the implementation of design solutions, maintenance consultations.

Great Experience

We offer unparalleled services in Canada. We have mastered the production of mirror materials in any colors for our own products.

Fast Shipping

We make urgent delivery of our products and offer on-site installation. We can implement a project from zero to completion.

Own Production

We control quality at all stages of production. ShimmerTech uses only high quality materials

Flexible Price

If you order more sparkling panels, you get the best price. Large volume can save you more.


Two year warranty in the Canadian climate. Our office is in Toronto; we provide services throughout Canada.

The people who have trusted us so far

My most anticipated order arrived yesterday! From the moment I saw these sequin walls and how they were beautifully set up I was like wow these are amazing! After a bit of research here and there I decided this is exactly What I wanted to offer So for anyone looking to celebrate and party like a rock star or just anyone wanting to glam up their event really, these are for you.

Jenny Yaguas

That moment… The moment I saw my logo up for the first time was surreal. Exactly 3 years of hard work, sleepless nights, traveling, failing, succeeding, crying, laughing, growing and reaching new heights… That moment will never be forgotten. Thank you ShimmerTech for all the incredible work you’ve done with me, I cannot wait to start sharing how crazy talented you are!

Liza Hanna



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