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#99 Mirror Silver Sequin Wall

Indoor / Outdoor



Introducing the MIRROR SILVER SEQUIN WALL from ShimmerTech! Illuminate any event with a touch of sparkle and shine. This wall is perfect for weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries and much more! Your guests will love being immersed in shimmering mirrors that reflect light, creating an enchanting ambiance. With its silver sequin material catching rays of light, it is truly mesmerizing when viewed up close or at somewhat distance. Plus, since it is made from high-quality materials and built to last, you can relax knowing that your guests won’t just see durabilty but also style.

So why not add a stunning touch to your next event—go and place your order for the MIRROR SILVER SEQUIN WALL from ShimmerTech!


      • Standard
      • Pixel
      Size Option

      11.8inch x 11.8 inch (30cm x 30cm)

      Elastic and flexible

      Can be mounted on curved surfaces. Made from crystal clear, durable, premium polymer material

      Easy to install

      Redesigned connectors simplify installation, and in some cases the panel can be used without a base

      Constructions of any size

      The base of the panel is easily cut to the desired shape and size

      Lightness and strength

      With a low weight, the base of the panel is able to withstand significant loads

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