How Do You Make a Shimmer Wall with Sequins?

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Sequin walls are backdrops made of sparkle materials very commonly used at parties and events. Anyone throwing a wedding after-party, opening a business, commemorating marriage anniversaries, or celebrating their birthday or Quinceañera can strongly benefit from using sequin shimmer walls.

Shimmer Tech provides clients with great, high-quality shimmer walls at affordable prices – however, we can also provide assistance with DIY shimmer walls. Read along to learn how you can make a beautiful shimmer wall with sequins for your special event.

What is a Sequin Wall?

First things first, what exactly is a sequin wall, after all? A sequin wall is a backdrop wall made of sparkling sequins, popular in many merchandises and among business brands. Sequin walls are popular and widely used in small to big events worldwide.

For making your own sequin wall, you can use your creativity and imagination by mixing any shiny materials and colours you wish – just make sure your final product is consistent with the theme of your event!


What do I Need for Making My Sequin Wall?

Firstly, you will need sequin panels, of course. You can opt for standard sequin panels measuring 25cm x 25cm and 30mm in diameter – that is, four circle sequins per row. Or micro sequins of 15mm diameters can work better for your taste. Perhaps, sequin panels of a more grid shape will do the trick.

If you opt for standard sequins, you will also need an electric drill, screws, glue or silicon seals. If you prefer the grid-shaped sequins, cable ties, a drape frame, and a pipe will be your other tools.

Making Your DIY Sequin Shimmer Wall

If you opt for the sequins with 30mm or 15mm diameters, it is vital that you firstly clean your wall in order to place the rows of sequins onto the wall. You can apply glue or silicon in the corners of your panel and carefully place the panel against your wall – or align the panel with the wall and then drill through it. 

The glueing or drilling steps must be completed until you have fully placed all sequin rows against your wall.

If you have opted for the shiny, metallic grid-shape sequins, you must start by setting up your pipe and drape in order for you to make your shimmer wall as wide as you want! Then, you will start clipping the sequins together, side by side – and don’t worry, they will be perfectly aligned straight.

Next, you will wrap the cable ties around your panel and the crossbar to hold them aligned, ensuring all rows are connected side by side one another. By repeating this process in all of the remaining rows and using the clip function to stick panels together, you will then have your final result.

Let ShimmerTech Help You With Your Sequin Walls!

At ShimmerTech, we provide clients with aesthetically pleasing shimmer walls customized to suit the specific needs and wants of their events. Our captivating shimmer walls ensure your company or personal event stands out and causes a great impression on your guests. Check out our collection of sequin panels and contact us at 1 (855) 561-4497 if you have any questions – and one of our design specialists will be more than happy to assist you!

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