Shimmer for Rentals

Shimmer Rental Available For Events, Trade exhibitions, and Festivals

With a Shimmer Wall Backdrop, you can make your event shine!

ShimmerTech is the sole distributor and manufacturer of premium dynamic sequin panels. Elegant and eye-catching, shimmer walls are crafted from thousands of mirror disks. If a breeze blows through them, they reveal a rainbow of colors in every direction.

We are the industry leader in decoration and signage. We design backgrounds, decorative walls, retail signage, and all sizes of indoor/outdoor signs for businesses and events.

High-Quality Shimmer Walls 

Is your event in need of a little more glitz and glamor? Glamor walls are now available, and they’re constructed from hundreds of little square series that are individually linked to form dazzling waves when exposed to air movement.

✔ Elastic and flexible

✔ Easy to install

✔ Constructions of any size

✔ Light and strong shimmer walls

shimmer walls

Shimmer for Rentals Design Solutions

We have some fantastic design ideas for shimmer walls that reflect light and sparkle brilliantly. Events, trade exhibitions, and posh festivities all benefit from our glittering backdrops. This corporate event signage is the perfect way to spotlight your company’s name and logo. Light up the scene if you like for more impact!

Shimmer Backdrops for Weddings and Other Celebrations

Do you want a conversation starter at your wedding? Rental shimmer backgrounds can be designed specifically for your event, delighting guests and bringing the area to life with sparkle and shine. We’re capable of creating beautiful, individualized shimmer wall background capabilities for every occasion.

Outdoor Shimmer for Rentals

Stunning sequin wall surfaces will dazzle your audience! People who want to capture pictures for social media are drawn to sequin wall art. Make an impression on your customers by providing them with individualized shimmer walls. 

Shimmer Walls as Billboard Displays

Take a step back, and even the slightest breeze will make your display come to life! Our beautiful sequins are attached to pins molded into a matrix of unique backing boards. 

We directly work with installation professionals and brands to surprise and delight your clients with light-reflective sequined walls that will bring your windows, walls, billboards, or signage to life – all within days.

Shimmer Displays for Theatrical Purposes

Modern consumers are more discerning than ever about the media they choose to consume, which has led to a highly fragmented audience that is harder to reach. Skipping commercials is becoming common thanks to technological advancements, and traditional advertising’s reach is decreasing. This might make it more challenging to get your message across.

You can count on ShimmerTech for theatrical displays offering you a comprehensive suite of advertising solutions, allowing you to target affluent and engaged audiences with the visual and auditory impact that the shimmer walls demand.

Why Choose ShimmerTech?

At ShimmerTech, we work hard to offer cutting-edge, aesthetically pleasing services that help our clients reach their marketing goals.

The dynamic sequin panels we provide are available in a rainbow of colors. We also offer designs that have such a compelling influence on viewers that they can’t help but pay attention. Our panels are not only colorful but also flexible, allowing for the creation of a shimmering impression. 

ShimmerTech’s captivating shimmer walls for rent will be a memorable presentation for your business or event that stands out from the competition. Dynamic sequin panels are an excellent choice if you want to provide a little more life to your company or event.



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We provide our customers with a 2-year warranty to customers in Canada from coast to coast.

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Our products are very durable so that they can withstand the unpredictable Canadian climate.


Interested in getting a unique interior decor element for a space? Thinking want a feature for your event that stands out and draws your guests towards it? Then we invite you to contact ShimmerTech today.

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