Why Sequin Signs Are Better Than Traditional Signs

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Advertising is all around us. Most people just dismiss the constant onslaught of billboards, banners and neon signs. So, how does your business actually get people’s attention?

Dynamic sequin panels are your answer. These signs attract 6 times more attention than traditional marketing signs and can benefit your business by being effective, long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for your advertising needs.

What Is Dynamic Advertisement?

Dynamic advertisements incorporate movement in their display, changing their design or their content. These can be television screens, scrolling marquees, rotating billboards and a host of other examples.

Dynamic sequin signage is a new, more effective advertising method. These signs are “alive,” incorporating movement propelled by elements of weather or building vibrations.

Eye-Catching and Attractive

These days, people are so desensitized to advertising, even the flashiest of digital screens become white noise. But dynamic sequin advertising cannot be ignored. Made of glittering, flickering and reflective material, the signs are ever-changing and play with the light, commanding attention from anyone who passes by.

These signs also add value to city environments. They offer endless possibilities using beautiful color combinations and intricate patterns. Through these mosaic displays, your marketing can contribute to the aesthetic and artistic quality of daily urban life.


Traditional billboards have a tendency to tear and peel when exposed to the elements. But sequins are made from sturdy materials and covered with a special coating so they won’t fade, break or fall from their display.

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Easy Installation

Dynamic sequin panels have lightweight frames. They can be easily installed using common tools, and can be removed and reinstalled in another location. Portable designs can be easily transported and add a unique flare to special events.

Low Operating Cost

Traditional signs need electricity in order to be dynamic — a continuous, never-ending cost just for operating your advertisement. But unlike these wasteful marketing methods, dynamic sequin signs do not require power. They only utilize the elements to effectively do what they are intended to do.

This means that after you purchase your sign, the cost of advertising ends right there. No ongoing expenses and no budgeting necessary.

Advertising Is the Face of Your Company

Your business’s marketing methods are important. Advertising reflects the very character of your company and leaves a lasting impression with potential consumers. Dynamic sequin signs are an effective way to demonstrate your business is savvy, dependable and worthy of customer attention.

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