Why is Billboard Advertising Important

why is billboard advertising important

The Importance Of Billboard Advertising is growing each day. Digital advertising has started to take over any other form of advertising, and it appears that this trend will continue to grow. However, traditional advertising is still one of the important aspects of advertising, since it can reach audiences in a way that digital ads can’t.

Billboard advertising is one of the effective ways to build brand awareness and for broadcasting your campaign, product, or business to a very wide audience. Since billboards are usually set up in very busy areas they usually attract a lot more impressions and views when compared to most other marketing methods.

To gain an understanding of the industry of billboards you need to know what makes these billboards distinctive and unique advertising mediums and how the latest advertising landscapes have transformed billboards.

What is Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertisements are major outdoor advertisements. These ads tend to combine words and images. Advertising that is intriguing and engaging may be produced by combining words and visuals, two of the most potent weapons in an advertiser’s toolbox. These forms of advertisement are targeted at a large mass of people and they will help your business increase its visibility and sales.

Why is Billboard Advertising Important?

You Can’t Avoid Billboards

Billboard advertising will guarantee you an audience. The locations of these billboard ads make them very difficult to ignore. They are eye-catching and very large, which forces an audience to pay attention to them. This is very different from digital ads, where your ads are scrolled passed in under a second. The levels of advertising that average adults are exposed to have led to “advertising blindness”, which causes people to skip over them. But when it comes to a billboard, their sheer size makes them impossible to ignore.

Build Recognition And Trust Among The Market

In a report published by Neilsen, it was mentioned that people typically trust brands more when they use traditional advertising channels for campaigns or promotions. This is because consumers have become a lot more aware of the way false information can roam around easily online. So when they see a digital advertisement on a smartphone, their trust levels are not as high when comparing it to seeing an ad outside. You can use the very best designs when it comes to your online marketing strategy, but nothing will beat erecting a huge outdoor billboard. It provides the impression that your brand is bold and confident enough to display who you are to the world.

Shopping Decisions Can Be Made While Driving Or Walking Past

It may come as a surprise that 72% of people that view billboards shop when they leave the office on their way to their homes. This means that your main viewers will also be the decision-makers. If you can grab their attention through a billboard, these people can immediately visit your store and buy your services or products. This is an important demographic that you should not ignore. After all, many of the people that drive regularly on the roads are people that have a lot of buying power.

You Can Choose A Location For Your Billboard

You get to choose the ideal location for promoting your business on an effective billboard and for putting out messages. ShimmerTech can assist you with creating an attractive attention-drawing Billboard Design by including fun elements and catchy phrases and the best marketing tactics to ensure you obtain the maximum attention from people that drive or walk by.

An Affordable Advertising Tool

Billboard advertisements provide maximum consumer exposure without the added costs. Top Media has stated that paying for a billboard ad is 80% less expensive when you compare them to TV ads. Even though this is one of the more affordable advertising routes, Top Media goes on to say that 4 of the companies that spend the most on billboards are very large ventures that carry on thriving in their respective fields. These include Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Apple. What should this mean for advertisers and marketers? Even though it costs a lot less than TV advertising, it is a highly effective tool used by large enterprises with massive resources. This also means you need to go above and beyond for your billboards if you want to get noticed alongside these larger ventures.

Attracts A Range Of Different Customers

When using billboard advertising, it becomes possible to use one tactic when promoting your brand. You won’t have to focus on targeting niche groups, but rather a much larger population along with your preferred location. With billboard ads, it is not necessary to reach out physically to your potential customers, instead, these people will come to you. You can make people laugh, become your friends, and create positive associations with them. This could turn out to be a massive benefit since you may be attracting potential customers that you might have not expected to be interested in your brand.


ShimmerTech is the exclusive distributor/manufacturer of SolaAir premium dynamic sequin panels. The shimmer panels can be cut to any size or shape to create stunning Billboard advertising. Though Billboard Advertising is not associated with inbound marketing tactics, it is still one of the most effective methods to boost your brand and promote your products. You can also use it to bolster your other efforts for inbound marketing that you have already invested in. This can include SEO, online lead offers, and blogging. Keep following our billboard tips and design services to create memorable, impactful, and impressionable billboards for you and your brand.

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