5 Incredible Benefits of Dynamic Sequin Panels / Shimmer Panels

shimmer wall backdrop

Is there an empty, bland wall in your house that desperately needs attention? Or maybe you want to find an alternative way to advertise your business? Perhaps dynamic sequin panels are the best choice for you. The company “Shimmertech” uses decorative panels with iridescent sequins to transform your wall, sign, or banner. With a successful 12842 panels installed, keep reading to find out 5 incredible benefits of dynamic sequin panels.  

If you want to create an unforgettable experience for your guests, then “ShimmerTech “Sequin walls is the way to go!

Backdrops for Special Events 

Not only can you use sequin panels for decorating your wall in your home, but you can also use it as a backdrop for a special event. A birthday celebration, dinner party, or Holiday gathering will feel a lot more special with a picture-perfect background setting that will feel almost ‘alive’ because of the moving sequins. Just imagine the kind of selfies or group pictures you could take in front of your decorative wall. 

Commercial and Retail Signs

Want to make your business stand out? A sequin panel is the perfect option. Not only is it a very original way to create your sign, it is also a fact that sequin panels prove to be 6 times more attractive to people than regular advertising. In other words; the perfect way to get yourself some new customers.  

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Creative Freedom 

Probably The most fun part of pursuing a sequin-based sign is the creative freedom you will have in picking and choosing the design. From a mixture of your favorite colors to a design of your family member or pet, anything is possible to be made to fit your wishes. 


You might be doubting whether these panels can survive for a long time; they can. They are able to stand out hefty winds and harsh weather in general. They can resist rain, snow, and extremely high or low temperatures. With all these features combined, your sequin panel could have a lifespan of up to 10 years!

Easy Placement and Installation

The panels can be placed on almost any surface, it doesn’t matter if it is even or uneven; it is optional to add supportive cushioning, but not necessary. The installation is also very easy, it is just a matter of connecting the elements given and placing them on your wall, or wherever you would like your panel to be put. Managing your own sequin panel has never been this quick and easy. 

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